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Internet shop (e-shop) - benefits

  • 1.Businesses that want to keep their market position and ensure constant growth of their business need to offer their customers new services. It is even more important for the internet applications. Our goal is to offer professional internet solutions guaranteeing that your internet competition would stand no chance!
  • 2.Development of our internet applications is based on the newest know-how and technologies, which are constantly developed. We observe these trends and apply them in our work. It leads to improving the level of our services and customer satisfaction.
  • 3.We ensure that your internet presentation is kept modern and that its value continually rises. Successful website increases company's profit and the internet presentation thus serves its purpose.
  • 4.Content management system and the internet shop CreativeShop are constantly improved by new features. Above the standard features are quickly and easily available to our customers. We are a step ahead of the competition.
  • 5.Our solutions are unique in their high measure of flexibility. System adapts to the business and the client, not vice versa. Thanks to its broad adaptability, the system is beneficial for companies from different segments and sizes.
  • 6.The security of our internet applications is being constantly perfected by applying newest security methods. The system is secured by unique multi-level data and access protection. Content management system won numerous security certificates and it is one of the most secure systems on the market.
  • 7.Internet shop offers the highest comfort of user interface with intuitive navigation and interactive online assistant. Operation is simple, efficient, and comfortable.
  • 8.Internet shop is fully optimized for search engines. Search engines (e.g. Google) can index not only all of the products but also all parts of the website and display your web on the first positions in the search results. Internet shop automatically generates readable URLs (SEF - Search Engine Friendly), offers advanced keyword and title configuration, readable URL editing, etc.
  • 9.We provide custom programming of wide-scale functionalities for your internet shop. We fulfill any above the standard requests at reasonable prices. All online payments of modern banks are fully implemented. Internet shop CreativeShop allows communication with major economic software systems and communication with the stock control.